i am a programmer && i am a musician.

As a programmer, I work for Behance (an Adobe company) where I am a Sr. Software Engineer. Previously, you could find me at The New York Times doing Sr. JavaScript Engineer-like things and handling Development Manager-ish duties; I also squeezed in a lot of Dev Relations/Advocacy efforts. My paychecks are made out to Joe Sepi Crane-Messina for some reason. You can read a little more about me and the work that I have done at or LinkedIn.

As a musician, I am currently leading a band called Least Best Beast. You can find my solo work on Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Previously, I played in Century Rocket Building, Bearhawk, GasMask, Farm Team, Friends of Enemies and several other bands. I have toured the country many times and have a few assorted releases under multiple record labels. Works in progress can be found on Soundcloud and the 'joesepi' catalogue is available at Bandcamp as well as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and others.

Follow @joe_sepi on Twitter where I post about music, code and current events sprinkled with a dusting of wit and a certain absurd flair.
Occasionally I post to my blog, but right now I have taken the site down while I move servers and freshen up a bit.